sittin pretty
best friend

Specialites & Extras:

Nails done as walk-in while you wait.
 Safe room temperature drying.
Pet Safety and Comfort are our priority.
Hand fluff drying for that truly professional show quality look. Cage drying cannot compete!
Soft comfortable beds in all the cages keeps pets relaxed and happy.


Safe all natural flea dipping Medicated shampoos
Nail clipping and filing Ear cleaning
Nail painting Toothbrushing
Hypoallergenic shampoos used on all dogs Shed-less treatment
Carding and removal of blowing coat Anal glands expressed (at owners request)
Hot Oil Treatments with organic extra virgin coconut oil....sooooo soothing and moisturizing

Full Service grooming includes:

Bath with hypoallergenic shampoo Ears plucked (owner requested)
 Clip of your choice (coat condition permitting) Anal gland expressed
Fluff drying  Undercoat removal (if needed)
Brush out Bandanna and or bows
5 minutes of dematting (if needed)  Cologne if requested
Ears cleaned
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